The Moms Top 10 List

8 Aug

Brooke and Liz’s Top ten: Top Ten ways having your kid begin cancer treatment is like coming home with a newborn:

1. You are quite sure you can’t properly care for them without nurses helping you and telling you what to do
2. You forget you can or should think on your own and want to call after hours medlink at the smallest sneeze or temperature variation
3. You don’t get out of your pajamas all day and showers seem optional
4. Your baby seems to mostly eat and sleep and you obsess about weight gains and losses
5. You sit for hours on end in the same position in the same chair holding your baby – your arms aching but unwilling to move in case this disturbs them
6. You are totally consumed with the input and outputs of your child – body functions are the focus of your day
7. You are scared to bathe them
8. You still have 3 am feedings but instead of milk, they want tortellini, popcorn and bacon
9. You try to interpret what each cry (or shriek) means – initially to limited success
10. You wonder what their next day, next week and next month will bring


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