Hospital Update – yes, we Really are Still Here

4 Sep

Five days since last post…and still at the hospital. Lenox has had two CT scans, a bone marrow aspiration, and a myriad of blood tests and cultures. They ruled out a relapse of leukemia which was – IS – a HUGE sigh of relief. They have gradually been ruling out different possibilities, each time Liz and I researching that possibility, and then being grateful when that factor did not test positive. They also surgically removed Lenox’s port because of concern that it may be harboring the infection. She did fine through that surgery and is adjusting pretty well to having a arm IV while we are here.

Finally, on our 10th night here at the hospital, we have a diagnosis: Lenox has CMV (cytomegalovirus), a virus more commonly found in tumor-based cancer patients and other immune-suppressed populations; it’s not as common in leukemia patients. Some of Lenox’s symptoms that are attributed to the CMV are fever, tiredness and low blood counts. Luckily, this is one of the few viruses out there which can be medically treated so Lenox has already started on that medicine. It looks like it may be a pretty intensive round of daily IV treatment with additional treatment after that. We are still at the hospital for a few reasons. Lenox is still not fever free for a full 24 hours – we get close but then a fever pops up. Also, they need to see her counts improve. She has received blood, platelets and some other meds designed to get those systems back in order and with good counts.

While its hard to be here again, and disheartening at Lenox being away from her friends and school, we know she is where she needs to be, are glad to know finally what we are dealing with, and most importantly are glad it’s not a worse diagnosis.

Thanks too to all our friends helping us!


One Response to “Hospital Update – yes, we Really are Still Here”

  1. olliesmommies514 October 6, 2012 at 12:36 PM #

    I hope Lenox and you ladies are doing okay and in good health. After stumbling upon your blog just before i had my son, i think of you all often and check weekly for updates. Lenox is so beautiful and strong! All three of you are!

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