Happy Anniversary…Really?

10 Jul

Today marks one year from the day we learned Lenox had leukemia. One year since we had a blast that morning at the pool and were standing on the porch when my phone rang. One year since we raced over to Dell Children’s to meet with the waiting oncologist. One year since….  

In spite of the actual day being permanently tattooed in our minds, I can’t help but see today as a Happy Anniversary because I am happy Lenox is alive, thriving and vibrant!

The last year was filled with so many transitions:

  • As parents, we moved from being overwhelmed at the intensity of watching our child in pain to accepting it (still hating it, definitely not inured to it) – we now know how to support her through those times so much better
  • From many, many, MANY tears to many fewer tear
  • From the initial intimidating clinic and hospital environment and all its unknown people to the welcoming, familiar places they have become. Lenox chats with the intake staff, races down the hall to pick her room and giggles with (and even hugs!)  her nurses and doctor.
  • From many, many ewey, yucky medicines to take lasting several hours – and extensive bribing – to get down her throat, to many, many ewey yucky medicines that she is resigned to needing and lasts only about 10 minutes – and less expensive bribes – to get down her throat (still vehemently hated by Lenox).
  • From a sick, tired, bald-ish home-bound 3 year old to an ebullient, prank-pulling, swimming, biking, rhyming, pixie-haired pre-K love bug.

I know I have gone on and on before about how blessed we feel because of how great folks have been, so I won’t belabor that again, but we still feel that way! So in honor of today’s anniversary, I asked Lenox a few questions so you can hear from her about this anniversary.

Q:  Lenox, what has been the hardest part of the last year since you had to start slaying the leukemiasaurus?

A: “The  butterfly, it hurts so badly and it is hard to do the numbing cream too. And the clinic and the hospital.” (Note, the butterfly is the needle and line used to access her port; they do the butterfly at every appointment to take blood and give meds if scheduled/needed.)

Q: What has been a good part?

A: “Helping take out the butterfly.”

Q: Favorite food during this time?

A:“Double noodle soup.”

Q: What was your favorite part of being home all together?

A: “All the hugs and kisses.”  (I was pleasantly surprised to hear this – I thought she would say Legos or Harry Potter).

Q: Do you like being back at school?

A: “I am not happy to be back at school because I don’t get your hugs and kisses at all.”

Q: What do you think about having leukemia?

A: “I am frustrated with you asking me questions! Ugh!” (speaker stomps away)  

And there you have it. Is Lenox doing very well these days? Yes! Does she still dislike almost every aspect of having leukemia? Yes! Do we still have a lot more treatment to go? Yes, but we are much further down the path; of a 2 ½ year process, we already have a year down. Is Lenox the most awesome fighter? Yes! 


Woo hoo and Happy Anniversary!

P.S. Feel free to pose more questions to Lenox (you can add as a comment to the blog) and we will post back a reply to you in the diva’s own words.


2 Responses to “Happy Anniversary…Really?”

  1. Debra Serrins (@Debra_Serrins) July 10, 2012 at 7:49 PM #

    Congratulations! One year is a very big date. You should celebrate big and be as wonderfully grateful as you are.

  2. Michelle Schreiber July 11, 2012 at 9:03 AM #

    Double noodle soup!!! Big hugs to you all – you’re my heroes.

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