Make a Wish Trip Post

12 Mar

Wow and wow!  What a fabulous once in a lifetime experience!  My major apologies for not posting sooner.  So many have asked how the trip was and asked for an update and finally I am posting – and its really short! We can blame the delay at least partly on Liz; I had to cull through more than 3,000 photos she took. Regarding the brevity, since a picture tells a thousand words, we felt the photos really tell most of what we wanted to share – which is that it was an unforgettable experience and that Lenox and Grace both had a wonderful relaxing and happy time. Because I lack much tech-savvy I wasn’t up for trying to figure out how to post a big batch of pics to the blog, so instead they are on Shutterfly and here is a link: Go to Pictures and Videos and then See Album.

The rest is captured pretty thoroughly in the pictures – there are captions to each picture.

For all of you who gave us tips and advice, thank you! To Carly and Grace, thank you soooo much for helping make Lenox’s wish come true! And thanks is not enough to the generosity of Central Texas Make a Wish and Give Kids the World.


One Response to “Make a Wish Trip Post”

  1. Debra Serrins (@Debra_Serrins) June 15, 2012 at 1:04 AM #

    What a wonderful trip! She looks so happy. I have a friend who works at Make a Wish but I don’t know if it’s Austin chapter or Texas or Central Texas or what.

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