Short and (Super) Sweet

21 Dec

And it’s a cut! Today was the LAST doctor appointment under Lenox’s Consolidation phase. The last post was the last overnight hospital stay and today was ta da … The penultimate clinic visit. I won’t get into details that the 4 hour visit should have only been 2 hours, Lenox’s seeming OD on Benadryl (not really, she just slurred and conked out) or that undoing her port was a bear because there were some fun parts of the visit. We brought a few small gifts for our fave nurses/docs and brought home made cupcakes and cookies. We also did arts and crafts and they had a clown show.

Next Step: When we go back on the 28th, it will be her first day of Maintenance and will kick-off with a day surgery for spinal chemo.

Lenox’s Re-write of “Hush Little Baby”: Hush little baby don’t say a thing, lala’s gonna buy me everything! Ugh!

Plan to post next time with more explanation on what Maintenance is like and Lenox’s new year plans.

Love to all!


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