Hospital Visit 4 Play by Play – day 2

29 Oct

Day 2 Starts 7:30
7:35 am – Liz and Lenox asleep and the room is dark. Med team RN quietly comes in to listen to heart lungs and tummy and Chats with me a bit. I Try to sleep but can’t, but its so nice and quiet – I work on the blog post and play words with friends.

Around 9 Lenox awakes next to me giving me great hugs and snuggles and kisses.Vitals again and I change her diaper again. We wake Liz around 9:30 and come down to the cafeteria again for breakfast. She runs down the hall pushing her pole on her own. She is in great spirits, giggling and chatting. Get to the cafeteria right before closing. Yeah! She whispers in my ear that she loves me and She whispers sweet “anythings” to lala. After breakfast which she didn’t eat much, we go back to the gift shop (yes, again!) And then to their library where we color, read and check out 2 movies we didn’t have at home. As we head back to the room Lenox is still in great mood and rides on her IV pole. The IV poles have 5 low flat wheeled feet. She stands on two of them and holds onto the pole while I push it. She shimmies and wiggles as she rides down the hall with her big dark brown chemo bag sways crazily. Huge grin. Get back to her room around 11:15. The nurses joke they almost sent out a missing person search for us. I change her diaper and she gets more zofran. Now we are chilling on the pulled out sofa while she watches “invasion of the tinysauruses”.

Around 1:30 nurse comes to check rate of chemo progress; she says we will finish too quickly at current rate so we slow it down. On target for wrapping up around 8:30. Lenox is chilling but happy and loving. 2ish Liz just went to grab some lunch for us. Doc on hospital duty comes by and listens to Lenox’s heart, lung and tummy sounds and touches base with us. Lenox doesn’t want the lunch we got her brings and wants soup instead. She tells us that she will not ever ever ever snuggle with either of us any more until we bring her soup! After I finish eating, around 3, I go to get her soup and when I return about 5 mins later from the microwave in the family kitchen, she is asleep on the divan. Liz relaxes next to her and I take a great long nap.

Its 6:15 pm and I am up now, Lenox is still asleep, Liz dozed off. They gave her more zofran; 6:15 I change her diaper. She awakens and we play w dinos and squinkies on a blanket on the floor while La snoozes.
7:40: Lenox is having some broccoli and soup and jello, sparingly, while watching a video — Brother Bear — we checked out from the library. We bring tons of movies from home but these are fun b/c they are new to her.
8:15: finishes eating and start 2 hours window for the 6-MP.
8:30: chemo done. Uneventful. Have kept her on zofran for nausea but seem to not be affecting her too badly. Switch to just fluids.
8:45: they give her zofran again and take her first post- chemo blood levels. Has a lollipop with the Zofran to combat the saline taste so 2 hour clock pushed back to 11. Will take a few hrs for blood results. Goal is that she has to have a methotrexate level in her blood of 0.20 or lower before discharge. To get there will do a combo of leukovorin “rescue” and fluids.
9:15 pm – I straighten up room a bit. Lenox and la in the hospital bed watching Brother Bear again and I am chilling on the Divan.
Give MP-6 at 11:00.
In the middle of the night We get her 8:45 pm blood count level back – its 5.86. That is good for this point in time. Looks on track to be down to 0.2 on or before friday. Hasn’t had leukovorin yet.

4 am vitals. I get up and move aside but Lenox sleeps thru.
6:30 am: CA wakes me up to check her diaper. Soaked, and so are the sheets. Change her diaper and clothes. Lenox sits on some pillows sleepily crying while I change the sheets. Before her head hits the pillow she is back asleep. Thankfully. Both back to sleep.

Note: Liz has been fighting a bug and the naps and the extra sleep for her is needed – that part of this visit summary isn’t typical of our normal visits. We usually both get similar rest on these visits.
End of Day 2


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