Halfway Recipe

20 Oct

You know the old saying – the same amount of liquid in a  cup can be a cup half full or a  cup half empty depending on whose looking at it. Well, our cup is half full – tomorrow marks the exact mid-way point of Lenox’s 133 days of Consolidation. Much as making a perfect brew of Polyjuice Potion takes time, Consolidation is like a recipe:

Recipe for Slaying the Leukemiasaurus — Consolidation

  1. Take one fabulous little girl intent on slaying the leukemiasaurus (check)
  2. Take two doting moms – a mohawked Lala and a red-streaked Mommy (check)
  3. Add 3 planned hospitalization chemo treatments in which Lenox metabolized her chemo like a well-hydrated dynamo (check)
  4. Add half of her office visits and half of all her home meds (check)
  5. Add a dash of hair retained (yeah!), more than a pinch of Cure Search Parade, a dollop of cousin loving and trampoline jumping, (check)
  6. Add several cups of “solutions” – including better remedies found for medicine alternatives she will actually take and some magical butt paste (check)
  7. Add a whole bottle of lemon juice and a whole bottle of lime juice, with a tiny bit of sugar (check – this is Lenox’s favorite “recipe” to make and does it several times a week — no, none of us drink it :))
  8. For full flavor, mix in some tears, some Zofran to make sure the brew doesn’t upset your tummy, and several major cases of the giggles (check)

Stir, shake, jump, jiggle, giggle, cry and laugh til all mixed together. After it turns a palish white with several streaks of green (aka Lenox Lauper) follow with the remaining steps.

  1.  Add 3 remaining planned hospitalization chemo treatments in which Lenox will  laugh and play and try to run over the nurses in her “car”
  2. Add all remaining office visits and home meds for this phase of Consolidation
  3. Add a dash of great hats, more than a pinch of Halloween party, Trick or Treating, holiday decorating and baking endeavors
  4. Add friends, family and visits from an Elf and Santa Clause, Search Parade,
  5. Add consistent trampoline bouncing and bike riding
  6. Add several cups of “solutions” – including (I pray) a better way for her to get through her weekly port access (which devastates her and is getting increasingly more traumatic)
  7. For full flavor, mix in some tears, more Zofran, many more cases of the giggles
  8. Add one last major Dinosaur Roar on December 25 AND….

Stir, dance, somersault, jiggle, giggle, cry and laugh til all mixed together. After the oncologist confirms that the recipe is complete (estimated time December 26) we will have a complete well-cooked and incomparable Consolidation Phase.

Per Lenox:Halloween costumes – Lenox is going to be either Sandy (with LaLa being Danny) – from Grease; OR will be Quidditch Harry Potter with Mom as Luna Lovegood and Lala as either Mad Eye Moody or Hagrid. Happy Halloween All! Thanks, as always, for supporting us!


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