Quick hospital update

24 Aug

After a long bit of waiting this morning, we had an uneventful “surgery” procedure (under anesthesia) of lumbar puncture and spinal chemo and then came up to our room. It took about 8 hours for us to be able to start the 24 hour methotrexate (uber-chemo) IV and just got started around 8 pm or so. So after 8 pm tomorrow night they will check her blood levels and the amount of chemo flushing out of her system. Before we can be discharged those levels have to below a certain benchmark that essentially shows the drug itself has worked out of her system – some kids take just a day or so after the drip ends and others take more days. They also watch for any unusual reactions. She won’t really see the side effects and lower immune system until we are out of the hospital it sounds like.

Like our last visit we set up a “divan” and have a nice comfy nest that Lenox can play or rest on when not in her bed. Lenox is in good spirits: eating, walking around, playing in the play room, and wooing the nurses with her awesome dinosaur lexicon and her Harry Potter Lego collection which of course was part of our menagerie that came along. Thanks all for keeping us in your thoughts. We now have a movie on, all the lights off and have her starlit-sky turtle lighting us up gently. Actually pretty pleasant. Good night and Sweet dreams to all!


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